I am:

Tash, generally. A mess, usually. 32 33 years old, definitely. Spiritual, liberally. Writes stuff, sporadically. Difficult, apparently.

I am not:

Gluten, meat, or dairy-free.

I like:

Trains, chapels, the sound of rain, birdsong, ghost stories, stained glass, silence, music, angels, folk magic, travel, gratitude, respect, graveyards, thoughtfulness, kindness, taoism, empathy, fossils, minimalism, proper old writing paper, woodburning stoves, old houses, tiny houses, Christ consciousness, NASA pictures, Italy, and not getting caught skinny dipping in the open air community swimming pool at 4 am.

I also like colours and making colours.


Jazz Horse (2014)

I do not like:

Post office queuing, bigotry, fracking, and those round after-dinner mints you get in some Italian restaurants.